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This is where it all starts.

It is both an art and a science.

We design our projects with scientific data on the physical and psychological effects of light on humans, however in the end it is all about making you feel good. 


Lighting design refers to how a space can be enhanced both aesthetically and functionally.  We design lighting with close attention to the architect's intentions, but most importantly we design with the end-user in mind. A well lit space directly influences the user's mood.

The use of Incandescent, fluorescent or LED lights depends on what use will be given to the specific space. For example heat affects LEDs and may be susceptible to fail. Technical specifications such as this one, must be taken into consideration when designing.


With over 20 years of experience in the field you can rest assured that we will specify not only with aesthetics in mind but also functionality, and relaiablity.  

Control Design is the process through which we analyse the user's interactions within a space, and subsequently identify the how lighting is being used, and how it can be improved for the user's comfort, and security.

LUTRON is the most advanced lighting control solution in the world. It provides a variety of tools that make it easier, smarter, and more efficient to control your lighting design.

Through dimmers, remote controls, and even your phone or tablet you will be able to control any light you want. Sensors can automate lights and shades to activate depending on the lighting or occupancy. 

Depending on the type of project different systems may be 

Architectural Plans
and Concept
Lighting Proposal and Construction Details
Lighting Control
Lighting Fixture
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